It’s Holi day…


Holi hai!

The word Holi itself brings to my mind all things it is associated with.

The heat of the summer month of March – during which Holi is celebrated – the sweltering heat that makes you want to go stay immersed in cool waters all through the day…  It is said that on the Holi festival the heat is maximum because this is when Lord Shiva opened his third-eye to burn Manmatha (who disturbed his meditation) to ashes.

The never-too-below-the-surface Festive spirit of the Indian population…

The endless riot of colors – in several different forms – all over the vast country – whether in the Holi colors, the greenery in nature, the myriad hues on display out on the streets or in the vivid, wonderful, elaborate Holi Rangolis…

While it may be argued that the Indian mind does not need a lot to celebrate, IT’S HOLI!!! It’s Celebration itself! The rejoicing is ultimate…

So, sing Hooray! It’s a Holi-Holiday…

Thank you Boney M.



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