Rangoli is the traditional Indian art of drawing breathtakingly beautiful symmetrical patterns in front of the main door of the house and also in the Pooja room in front of the God.

These decorated geometric designs have special significance in Hinduism, and are meant to ward off unwanted energies and welcome Goddess Lakshmi into the house.

A special powder called Rangoli powder, made from finely ground granite is used to draw these. It is a very common sight, especially in South India, to see women putting Rangoli outside the gates of the houses early in the morning by letting the Rangoli powder flow through their fingers into wonderful, intricate designs.

Rangolis are made very decorative for special occasions with elaborate designs in multiple hues. For festivals like Deepawali, Onam, Sankranti, etc they are even made exclusively with flowers, even lit lamps (diyas) are placed around the Rangoli.


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