Happy Ganesha Chaturthi!

Ganesha Flower Rangoli
Ganesha Flower Rangoli

This year, Mother and Son are coming together to our homes to bless all of us! Ganesha Chturthi and Gowri Habba are both celebrated on September 2nd!!

Ganesha is the bringer of good fortune and the remover of obstacles. We pray to Lord Ganesha before embarking on any new endeavor. In fact, even before worshiping other Gods and Goddesses, we perform a small puja to Lord Ganesh right in the beginning.

He is called Vishneshwar, Vighnavinashak exactly for this reason!

On the Auspicious occasion of Ganesha Chaturthi, I pray that Lord Ganesha, along with Goddess Gowri  bless us all with Health, Wealth, Joy and everything that the heart wishes…

May the Ganesha Rangoli bring Joy to all and may all Good things happen to everyone…


Deepawali 2018!

Deepawali 2018

The Festival of lights is here! The much awaited annual festival Deepawali is known to bring Joy and Prosperity into everyone’s lives.

All houses will be aglow with wonderful bright lights of all colors and Goddess Lakshmi enters people’s homes and hearts through these lights.

Deepawali is celebrated on three days namely Naraka Chaturdasi, Lakshmi Puja (Dhanteras) and Balipadyami.

Colorful, special Deepawali Rangolis are put in front of homes and Diyas (lamps) are placed around them.

On the occasion of Deepawali may Goddess Lakshmi bless you all and may this Rangoli give all kinds of Joy to one and all.

Navratri Rangoli – 3


Sri Chakra Rangoli for Durgashtami.

This is a powerful Rangoli, and meditating on this is incredibly good and unleashes latent energies for everybody – in a good way.

May Maa Durga bless one and all with Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Good fortune.

Dancing lines…

kolam 8

… and a splash of colors… The beauty of the Rangoli appeases my senses in more ways than one.

In fact, I feel it goes beyond the five senses and touches my soul.

As I gaze on and on at this amazing piece of creative art that is Rangoli, I am bathed in a glow of incredible peace and well-being.

The flowing lines and vibrant colors seem to have a therapeutic effect on me.

Is it the symmetry? Is it my penchant for order? The repeating patterns of lines and curves have a calming effect on my nerves…

The two sides of my brain – the left with its logical thinking and reasoning abilities, and the right with its intuitive abilities – seem to get balanced when I am creating, looking at Rangoli.

I feel centered, emotionally stable.

Rangoli, true to its meaning being associated with color and cheerfulness, with its symmetry and visual appeal, has a rejuvenating effect on me.

I am enamored by this Sacred Geometry, I am enraptured by this Divine Art of Rangoli.

Celebrating Women’s day…


Wanted to share this picture of the Sri Lakshmi Akshaya Patre Rangoli – also called Aishwarya Patra Rangoli (or Kolam).

In Hindu tradition, the woman is the epitome of godliness. She is considered the ultimate symbol of beauty and prosperity (Aishwarya is Sanskrit) – Goddess Lakshmi herself.

She is Shakti who completes Shiva  and together they form the Universe – ShivaShakti. This is depicted in the form of Ardhanareeshwara.

She is also celebrated in various forms as Mata – the supreme mother – Devi, Maheshwari, Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Lalitha, Durga, Chamundi – the all-powerful protector and conqueror of evil.

What better way to celebrate the International Women’s day than with this Rangoli to welcome Devi into our homes, and our lives…?

May the Goddess Lashmi shower you all with unlimited blessings…