Welcome to Rangoli Puzzles.


Indulge your creative instincts and engage your thinking mind at the same time!

Draw beautiful Rangolis by completing the Rangoli puzzle – you can use the portion already drawn, symmetry and hints (if present).

After all, Rangoli or Kolam is all about symmetry of the form created by curving lines and of-course, DOTS!

Enjoy creating eye-catching Rangoli, add colors if your like and send them to the email address on the right. They will be put-up in the Solved puzzles section in your name.

Gain points by solving more!

You can send in your own Rangolis too – freehand or with dots, they will be displayed in the Featured Rangolis section.

Rangoli Puzzles cater to your artistic, intuitive nature as well as the analytical, thinking part of you. In fact, drawing Rangolis is known to be the perfect stress-buster activity as it combines the left-brain and right-brain activities and has a soothing, calming effect on mind, body and spirit.

So, draw on… ! And never stop…